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MS600 Course Project Grocery store Project Regis-University ABSTRACT The Project “Grocery store” deals with the automation of supermarket. This software will help salespersons in managing the various types of Records pertaining to his/her customer. The product will help the user to work in highly effective and efficient environment. The salespersons have been recording the customer information in the past…show more content…
The cashiers log into the system with a password at the beginning of their shift. They have a unique ID, a hire date, and a password change date. In this project cashier information will be shown in certain management reports. The user entering the items into the checkout form will be both the customer and the cashier. Managers are also employees and have a unique ID. Managers supervise other employees. They also work at specific stores. Managers have a higher security clearance that also them to run certain reports and adjust inventory. Management reports needed for management will have to answer questions including the current status of inventory quantity per store, price per item, customer activity, and sales totals. Project & Database scope This project ‘Grocery store’ will focus on small aspect of the grocery enterprise simulating a customer buying items by selecting them on a form as if taking them from the shelves. They can then see their subtotal and tax and finish the transaction. A store employee level user can view certain reports on inventory, customer activity and personal information using data stored in the tables. Employees will also have to log in to use the system. Their information will appear in reports that managers run. CUSTOMER: This entity type represents all the people that shop at the grocery store. A customer performs a checkout. The CUSTOMER entity

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