Essay on Technology System Options in Restaurants

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When opening a new restaurant it is important to consider technology options that will offer competitive advantage, enhance profit, and work efficiently for the establishment. Three systems that are generally purchased for restaurant use are inventory systems, point of sales systems, and reservation management systems. All of these systems should be researched and compared on their functionality so the most suitable technologies can be implemented into the daily activities of the restaurant. An inventory management system would be a great asset to any restaurant. It is very important to be able to keep track of inventory to make sure items are being used and food costs are staying low. Having an inventory management system will …show more content…

A point of sales system is another great addition to nay growing business. The POS has many functions. The POS will contain a register for purchases, have the ability to track reports and menu maintenance, improve service speed, and enhance customer service. To increase service speed, the POS efficiently makes order entries that are then transferred to the kitchen. This results in fewer mistakes and the ability to track ticket and wait times. The system also has the function of splitting checks and makes card processing simple. This ensures more seat turnover and shorter wait times for the customers. In return this has the potential to increase revenue at every service. POS can create loyalty programs that ensure repeat customers and generate more sales of gift cards. POS provides operational control that analyzes “detailed reports to drill down on sales, server and restaurant performance” (NCR 2013). A software like ALOHA also provides a training interface that allows new employees to learn the system quickly. This reduces the cost a restaurant would ultimately have to pay on training new employees. The ALOHA system is very up to date with new technology trends, providing mobile and digital signage and cloud based solutions and social technologies. The variety of functions in a point of sales system makes it very attractive to new restaurant owners. The cost of a POS can range hundreds to thousands of dollars based on the size of the

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