Mac Computers vs. Personal Computers

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Mac Computers vs. Personal Computers Starting in the 1980s computer systems have become an essential part of our lives. Steve Jobs created the first personal computer called the Altair 8800 costing 379 US dollars and later on Bill Gates created Microsoft Disk Operating System which would grow to become Windows Operating System. Throughout the year’s computers have been an ever growing market and have officially changed the way we work. Still to this day people clash at which computer system is better Mac or PC. Is it because the flexibility the PC has? Or the low prices PC offers to the public? But the biggest front is which system has the best protection against viruses? Most Windows PC’s allow the user to buy and upgrade their systems…show more content…
Why would they spend thousands of dollars or more on a computer system to just do those type of task when you could spend half that. Mac computer have always been the more expensive computer system to buy, but since Apple has been coming out with more and more products like the iPod, iPad, and iPhone and many PC users are converting over to Apple products because they like to have the ability to share music, photos, and documents easily through all the systems. Mac computer have also been designing their system to be small and elegant. For example, when you’re going to class you don’t want to sit there and have a big bulky computer that ways close to four pound, you want a computer that is slim and light and easy to transport. Mac computers have always made their products easy to carry around. Like everyone says you get what you pay for. The biggest question now is which system has the best virus protection. For many years PC computer have fallen victim of viruses and Microsoft has been combating these and providing services to prevent viruses from spreading throughout every house hold. Microsoft also handles security issues and computer problems better than ever now. For example Microsoft offers free updates to their Microsoft and Windows products and recently they came out with a free anti-virus product that can be easily downloaded and works alongside the Firewall protection system called

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