Macro Economics

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TUTORIAL Week 1: What is Economics? Economic Problem – Part 1 1) Scarcity exists because A) human wants exceed the resources available to satisfy them. B) some individuals have low income. C) the costs of production are high. D) some people make bad economic decisions. E) people take too much leisure time. 2) Scarcity A) is the inability to satisfy all our wants. B) leads to higher prices. C) applies only to people living in poverty. D) is not something that affects very rich people. E) used to exist everywhere but has been eliminated in advanced economies. 3) Scarcity requires that we A) produce efficiently. B) learn to limit our wants. C) have the most rapid economic growth possible. D) have unlimited resources.…show more content…
C) marginal cost. D) marginal benefit. E) margin. 21) Huey has eaten two hamburgers and is considering a third. The marginal benefit in his decision is the pleasure from consuming A) the two previous hamburgers. B) all three hamburgers. C) just the third hamburger. D) just the second hamburger. E) the third hamburger minus the pleasure from consuming zero hamburgers. 26) Decision making on the margin involves A) comparing the marginal cost and marginal benefits when making a decision. B) comparing the total cost and the total benefit when making a decision. C) eliminating the additional cost when making a decision. D) determining the total benefits of a decision. E) comparing the benefits from the social interest to the benefits from the person 's self-interest. 32) When Gabriel made a rational choice to spend his entire allowance on candy bars, he did so by comparing the A) benefits of the candy bars to the desires he had for the candy bars. B) marginal benefits of the candy bars to the marginal costs of the candy bars. C) opportunity costs of the candy bars to the scarcity of the candy bars. D) benefits of the candy bars to the scarcity candy bars. E) self-interest to the social interest. 37) An incentive is A) a reward or a penalty that encourages or discourages an action. B) when people make rational choices by comparing costs and benefits. C) what you must give up to get something. D) a choice is made on the margin. E) a good or
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