Maestro Global Distribution System Case Study

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According to the website (Maestro Unparalleled Hospitality 2015), “Maestro boasts a legacy of developing hospitality software since 1978, with a reputation for advanced, flexible technology and an unrivalled dedication to outstanding customer service. The website further added that Maestro is a privately held, international company with its corporate headquarters in Markham, Ontario, Canada with a client base spanning over 20 countries”. The Maestro Technology In terms of the technology, the website (Maestro Unparalleled Hospitality 2015) refers that “Maestro has emerged as a top tier solution provider of lodging technology solutions and prides itself on an exceptional client care service record that has long been recognized for …show more content…

• “A partner who understands the corporate need for a robust solution that offers mature modules, which provide total real-time system integration”.
Why hotels should choose Maestro global distribution system? A global distribution system can be quite the investment for emerging businesses especially in the hotel industry, but it is worth the cost. Therefore Maestro global distribution system will safeguard your property’s bottom line and secure your listings to booking agents around the world. Maestro provides the feature set and maturity to handle the diverse needs of independent hotels and multi-property groups. Costs that are associated with Maestro Global Distribution System include booking agent commissions, hotel switching fees; global distribution pass through fees, commission tracking fees, credit card fees, bank clearance fees, , fax or other service confirmation fees. With all the combined technological costs and outside fees that the Maestro global distribution system takes care of, they are a tremendously good investment when you break down the costs.
Clienteles of Maestro Global Distribution

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