Magical and Sublime Characteristics of A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

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Magical and Sublime Characteristics of A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

"A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings" is a short fiction story written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez in 1955. It has both characteristics of magical realism and of the modern sublime. Therefore, Magical Realism and the Sublime seem to be related in many ways depending on how a person looks at a story. From all of the research I have read, magical realism and the sublime help to explain the characteristics of one another.

This story definitely meets the criteria for magical realism and the sublime because of the many elements described. The very old man with wings, the unusual miracles, the woman spider, and the crab infestation, represent elements of the …show more content…

I understand what Schopehauer says about the sublime: "two levels of reality -natural and the supernatural-are experienced as harmonious, a unified whole, by which the object and subject are fused within a "state of spiritual exaltation"(Longinus 6). It seemed as though the angel was put down at first and was the dirty old thing that no one wanted to get close to. People only wanted to be around him when he would perform a miracle and a weird one at that. However, in the end he flew away and in my eyes was exalted for the things he did, but really was not recognized for them in the story. The angel turned into something beautiful in the end that everyone should have recognized him as in the first place.

The miracles performed were awkward, but still magical and sublime. For example, the leper's sores went away, but sunflowers grew and the blind man grew three new teeth. Arensberg states that "the power is perceived in a moment (like a "lightening flash") through the effects of speech and language"(Arensberg 3). Magical realism, as well as sublime, is an "in a moment" kind of genre. Magic happens quickly just like the sublime! Why question the comparisons they have?

"The experience is an integrated one of a single reality shot through and through with both natural and supernatural forces"(Longinus 6). A woman spider? This is definitely supernatural. She was transformed simply because she disobeyed her parents. This reminds me more

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