Maine Explosion

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x On a peaceful night at the Coco Havana the Maine one of the first warships owned by the U.S. Costing over 2 million dollars and weighing approximately 6,000 tons blew up in an explosion. After taking about 9 years to build the ship, it was all ready to sail the seas. The Maine then sailed the Atlantic Ocean for 3 years, after which it settled in Havana, Cuba in January of 1898. On the night of February 15,1898 the ship was blown up in an explosion. This is an article on whether it was an internal or external explosion that sank the Maine. After doing some research, I found my position on the issue. I believe the sinking of the Maine was an internal explosion. After years of investigation in the 1900s, they did not come up with a specific reason for the explosion. However, some Americans blamed Spain. As you may know the effect of this explosion was the Spanish-American war. Which gave Cuba independence and America gained leadership of Guam, Puerto Rico and the Philippines.
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