Make a Wall

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Hannah Slattery 4/8/14 Critical Thinking Make a Wall The topic to be discussed is about Border Patrolling. During the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Border Patrol and other federal agencies merged were called into a new U.S. Agency Customs and Border Protection. By tradition, the mission of U.S. Border Patrol has always been the protection and prevention of the illegal entry of aliens and smuggling of illegal contraband into the U.S. The federal agencies US Border Patrol is charged with the responsibility to protect the U.S. not because of the influx of immigrants into the country, also by the violence that has raged on the border with Mexico for drug trafficking and weapons. However they have to…show more content…
Not only are them causing our country distress but they are also not receiving a voice. They are voiceless, they have no rights. One cannot vote or go to college and get financial aid or travel internationally because they cannot receive and passport. Closing our borders in order to solve our problems and then be able to redo the border patrols infrastructure would be beneficial to both parties. So that instead of having the cross the border in shady manners they can find peace in knowing that when they come here they will be of value to their community and a part of this great nation. There are many stabs that can be taken at this stance the information that it was backed up with. By closing our borders we can also be then threatening the already fragile wall we have between them. Instead of letting people try and come through there will be riots and violent protests to get through. Mexico will probably shut down import and export relationships with our country because they will not agree that it is fair for us to receive its’ good but not it’s people.The U.S will become a huge target for the world community and be threatened because it will be unethical and very unjustifiable to every other country. We have been looked upon as the gleaming light of hope, the place to start a happy successful life. By taking that away from an entire nation we will be ruling the day we ever thought
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