Essay on Make-up of Life-giving Cells

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What is a cell? A cell is “the structural, functional and biological unit of all organisms” ( The millions of cells that compose the body give life. These cells work together in synergy to perform the bodily functions God has given man to maintain homeostasis. The cells that work in harmony consist of an array of cells such as, epidermal, nerve, or muscle. As these various cells work together they form a biological machine to give life. Before the discovery the cell, many had their theory of what composed life. Greek philosophers believed that everything consisted of water, earth, fire, and air called the classical elements ( Charles Darwin erroneously theorized that they regarded as “simple bags of an …show more content…

The nucleolus is where the ribosomes or protein factories are manufactured. From its production it is exported through the nuclear pores and into the cytoplasm to begin its protein manufacturing. The second major part of the eukaryotic cell is the cytoplasm. This serves as the cell’s fluid medium or matrix. This jellylike fluid allows the organelles or little organs to float within it. Cytoplasm also contains many dissolved chemicals. The cytoplasm and organelles use the properties within it to create chemical reactions to produce energy as well as recycling. To give added structure to the cell, the cytoplasm contains a cytoskeleton to prevent being squashed. The cytoskeleton is composed of large, hollow rods called microtubules. This gives rigidity like a buildings’ steel beams. These beams also hold the organelles in place. The hollow rods act as highways for transporting goods around the cell. The proteins from the ribosomes or protein factories can be packaged into a special container where they are shipped by the microtubules. At the center of the microtubules is the centrosome. This structure is where the microtubules branch off, which is near the middle of the cell. The centrosome is called the organizing center because it can break down the microtubules and allow the organelles to move around. At the center of the centrosome is where the commands are made called the centrioles, a pair of cylindrical structures. A major part of the

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