Making A Diagnosis On Danny At This Point

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At this point I truly don’t feel that there is enough information to make a diagnosis on Danny at this point. It is my opinion that it would take three or more sessions with him before the proper diagnosis could be made in order to treat him for his illness. Furthermore, I feel that by doing these extra sessions he will begin to open up more and tell me exactly how he is feeling and exactly what is going on in his life that makes him feel the way he do. Yet, I do find that with some of the information we do have that there is some form of depression going on with Danny right now but the exact type of illness or depression he is suffer from is in my opinion not visible to me because of his lack of interaction as well as his denial of any such problem. He continues to deny that he has a problem when it is clear that he does have one because he is not sleeping, he took some that was very valuable ( Audi R8) from someone just for a test drive and he has recently tried to harm himself because of a cheating girlfriend. Therefore, it is obvious that he does have a problem but the exact problem is unknown at this time.
Once I can get Danny to agree to come back for a few more sessions. I would like to first ask him how he felt when he first arrived on the campus and notice that the kids at his school were very privileged kids who truly didn’t have to work for anything they got. The next question would be does he feel that any of them look at him differently or talk to him

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