Making Of Eco Friendly Flowers Through Recycling Of Disposable Plastic Cups

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J 'Nae Wong
Professor Finck
English 1102 - A12
March 10, 2017
Project: Making of Eco-friendly Flowers through Recycling of Disposable Plastic Cups

In line with the current trends of climate change, there is great need to protect the environment we live in. Some of the actions we take towards environmental protection may have a plan to safeguard the environment whereas others might do so automatically even if our intentions were to achieve something else. What does this mean? The answer is simple; some of the projects we embark on follow the concept of Collins and Scott, where nature participates in its evolution without our direct intervention. In my project, I intend to make decorative flowers from disposable plastic cups, which I …show more content…

In my project, I intend to make several flowers of different shapes and sizes from the plastic cups with the aim of taking them to the market for sale. The task will be very easy considering that the labor will be cheap and the equipments needed for successful execution will just be ordinary tools found around our houses. The jobless, younger generation will form part of my working team and together, I believe we will be able to collect huge piles of plastic cups from household solid wastes and make a considerable number of decorative flowers for sale. While carrying out the project, I look forward to liaise with other concerned individuals, groups, or organizations that will facilitate its growth and ensure that any good objective, planned or unplanned for the project, is attainable at the end of the day. For example, I will expect to work with environmental movements and groups that will ensure segregation of the plastics takes place from other wastes and availed accordingly at my working station. According to Rich (120), waste segregation is an important element of waste management and the management of plastic wastes is a very difficult process considering the fact that plastics do not decompose like the biodegradable wastes. In addition, I will anticipate working with persons from other fields such as entrepreneurs, marketers, and so forth. Collaborating with

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