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In the book “Making the Team: A Guide for Managers,” author Leigh Thompson states, “Good teams are not a matter of luck; they are result from hard work, careful planning, and commitment from the sponsoring organization” (4). As the consulting team for Wowzer Inc. we understand that the problems faced by the organization include, mismanagement of tasks and assignments, lack of quality or incomplete works, and a lack of innovation and creativity. The success or failure of any team can be attributed to four main factors: group leadership, group conflict, social loafing, and group cohesion. By exploring these factors we can discover the opportunities and pitfalls of each and make recommendations to build efficient and effective teams within the…show more content…
The most prominent theory to explain such phenomenon is the realistic group conflict theory, where team members have conflicting goals and compete over perceived scarce resources (Jackson). The influential work of renowned social psychologist Muzafer Sherif theorized that one way to resolve realistic group conflict is for leaders to establish superordinate goals. These goals can only be accomplished by two or more people and encourages team members to cooperate and communicate while working towards the shared goals, thus reducing prejudices and resolving the conflicts amongst them…show more content…
Social loafing is a side effect of teamwork and is an observable behavior. Thompson theorizes that, “people in groups often do not work as hard as they do when alone” (31). By working in a group, individuals may begin to experience deindividuation which Thompson defines as “a psychological state in which a person does not feel individual responsibility” (33). In other words, they may become immersed in the group, causing the individual members to no longer feel that their input makes a difference. This lack of responsible behavior can cause a person to slack off, which is referred to as free riding, or “not contributing” to the group product
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