Malal Yousafzai Character Analysis

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Kelisia Morrison 5th period September 14, 2017 Character List Malala Yousafzai • A Pashtun girl who grew up in Pashtun Valley, Pakistan. She went to throughout her entire childhood, and became an education activists speaking out against the Taliban for girl’s education. When, she was fifteen years old she was shot in the head by the Taliban for speaking out. Ziauddin Yousafzi • Malala’s father, who had many jobs throughout his life and worked hard to provide for his family. He created and all-girls school, which Malala attended throughout her childhood. Ziauddin was also an advocate for education and he loved his daughter from the moment she was born even though, daughters were typically less prized in their community. Tor Pekai Yousafzai • Malala’s mother, who always tried to live life according to the Quran. Tor Pekai did not go to school because when she was growing up she sold her books for candy after the first day of school because she was jealous of her friends who got to stay home. Khusal Yousafzai • Malala’s middle brother who doesn’t enjoy going to school as much as Malala but, Malala tells him the importance of going to school. Atal Yousafzai • Malala’s youngest brother who’s very interested in games and jokes as a young kid enjoying life. Malka E-Noor • Malala’s classmate classroom. Malka E-Noor is intelligent like, Malala and they both compete for the top spot in their classes. Hidayatullah • Malala’s father’s friend who played a large role in founding the

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