What Is Malala's Activism

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Malala Yousafzai is a women and children activist born in Mingora, Pakistan on July 12th 1997. While growing up, she began advocating for the right to education among girls . Due to her persistence and determination in her activism, on October 9th 2012 Malala was shot on her way home from school by a gunman. She survived the incident and became more passionate towards her fight for education for young females. This incident gave her popularity and in 2013 Malala became nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, which she won in 2014. Malala became the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize (Yousafzai 481). Due to the problems that young females had been facing in Pakistan and worldwide, it was essential to understand her education, the oppression by the Taliban, the devotion towards her religion named Islam and activism on the basis of the novel ‘I Am Malala’. …show more content…

Malala’s father was a teacher, and therefore, at Malala’s tender age, he was trying to establish his school. Due to this fact, Malala valued education and therefore developed passion towards it since her tender age. She was close to her father, a factor that made her bright in class. Malala always placed the top position in her class, and this greatly motivated her to be enthusiastic about education. Malala’s best friend Mónica, together with another girl by the name Malka-e-Noor, were also hardworking, and this made her always aim for the top. Since the top position in her class was always taken by a girl, she believed that girls had the same potential as a boys (Peer 2). The performance of her class greatly shaped her early perspective of education as a

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