Male Dominance In Hamlet Essay

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In William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, each of the male characters, including prince of Denmark, Hamlet, stand out in different ways with their will, actions, and wishes they would like to take. However, on the other side, a female character, Ophelia is portrayed as weak character in the male dominance throughout the play. Through feminist lens to the end of the play the causes of Ophelia’s madness and insanity depicted by her lack standing up for herself in male dominance, Hamlet’s treatment, and the death of her loved father.
Firstly, Ophelia’s tendency to be controlled in male dominance shows in the very beginning of the play Act 1 when her brother, Laertes and her father, Polonius warn of Hamlet’s intentions and her relationship with Hamlet. Before Laertes gets on a ship to France he tells her Hamlet’s love is “not permanent, sweet, not lasting, the perfume and suppliance of a minute. No more” (1. 3. 8) and considers his flirtation as “a violet in the youth of primy nature” (Shakespeare I. iii. 7). Then he warns her “best safety lies in fear” (1. 3. 43), Ophelia does not make argument over warning but saying she “ shall the effect of this good lesson keep As watchman to [her]
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She never be allowed to express her inner real feelings. Eventually, her madness leads to put herself to the death by the end of the play. Ophelia lost herself in her destructed mind with her language expresses her madness which interpreted as she's being herself without any manipulation from males around her. Her obedience to males causing her lack of stand up for self, Hamlet to reveal his love actually never existed, and let her know the murder of his father. Throughout the stages of her madness it reflects the feminist perspectives of how female character, Ophelia, in this play indicates how males treat female as ignorant and indifferent even though they see her somewhat
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