Malicious Attack : Malicious Attacks And Threats That Could Be Carried Out Against The Network

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The three specific potential malicious attacks and threats that could be carried out against the network and organization are malicious attack, malicious, and the risk, threats, and vulnerabilities that is carried out against the network and organization. Malicious Attack is an attempt to forcefully abuse or take advantage of someone 's computer, whether through computer viruses, social engineering, phishing, or other types of social engineering. Malicious Attack have four general categories of attacks on computer systems and networks. The first it have to fabrications and that involve the creation of some deception in order to trick unsuspecting users. (Kim, D., & Solomon, M., 2012). That is like when you get a call on you home phone from Windows text support, when you give them your information and the information on your router. That mean you got trick by an unsuspecting users known as a scammer. Next it is interceptions and that involves eavesdropping on transmissions and redirecting them for unauthorized use. (Kim, D., & Solomon, M., 2012) Any wireless network using a username and password to allow entrance into a local network is susceptible to interception and traffic monitoring attacks. Then it is interruptions and it cause a break in a communications channel, which blocks the transmission of data. (Kim, D., & Solomon, M., 2012) Like when you online and you trying to get information offline and it take a long time to load up.
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