Malpractice Persuasive Essay

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Imagine: You decide to exercise your legal right to peaceful protest, in support of one cause or another. We exist in the not-too distant future, when current technologies more fully enter ‘acceptance’ by the masses as common policing tools…

In the time since you decided to attend this protest, the authorities may have noticed your online footprint; posting online, or merely visiting a certain website. You may be on an email list monitored by them - or flagged as a known associate of someone they are interested in, perhaps. If you are a member of an organisation of any kind, law enforcement or intelligence agencies will have no qualms about infiltration as they deem it necessary, and may also lay on observation if you’re
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All phone signals will be intercepted by IMSI ‘Stingray’ devices, to be parsed for useful intelligence later.

Any occurrence of police violence – whether apparently justified or not - is harsh and bloody, and will initially involve the use of batons and shields (using the latter not only for defence, but also as an offensive weapon). CS and/ or other incapacitant sprays may be used locally, or occasionally as a wider aerosol spray from specialised equipment brought in for the purpose, including water cannon.

If made possible by the crowd and/ or location, ‘kettling’ can occur, although can be - and increasingly is - replaced by the use of ‘Scene Management Barrier Systems’; caravans transforming into a steel-tipped enclosure, to pen protestors in whatever the location. Persons of interest may be snatched for interrogation, arrest, fingerprinting, photographing, DNA sampling, or a combination of some or all of these indignities. Those resisting will be beaten and
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Protestors are processed and taken to trial; conversely, those fortunate enough to have escaped police notice (at least for now) either go to ground, or regroup to debrief. The large collection of related multimedia recordings (including footage from privately-owned CCTV in the vicinity of the protest), phone records, and other intelligence data gathered during, after, and prior to the event is put through a variety of high tech software suites, designed to parse every last drop of information from the material, recognising and predicting patterns perhaps hidden to the human eye. DNA evidence from the scene is collected and collated, in the hope of identification of suspects for immediate or future apprehension. Notwithstanding an individual’s attempts to obscure their identity and/ or certain actions at the protest, the police will attempt to ‘rewind time’, crunching an alarming amount of information with the aim of punishment and
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