Management And Organization : Key Employees

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Management and Organization:

Key Employees:

Store Manager/Salesperson – Qualifications/Responsibilities:

Forever Young will hire one full-time employee to act as the store manager and lead salesperson. In terms of personal traits, this person will be highly motivated and independently make certain decisions as a team member. This person will have a college degree and possess emotional intelligence. This will allow them to have great communication skills, to be personable, approachable, and capable of delivering excellent customer service. This worker will also be hard working, dependable, and inspire employees to work just as hard. The store manager will have to have experience with retail, management, and experience working QuickBooks Pro.

Organizational skills are a requirement for this position. Through a combination of existing and learned skills, this individual will be trained by the owner of Forever Young on how to properly manage daily operations. The manager will interact with customers through transactions. This involves greeting customers upon entry and providing attentive service during and after the transaction. The manger will be responsible for purchasing and updating display racks. The manager will also be responsible for keeping up inventory, maintenance around the store, and the other employees.

Subcontractors – Qualifications/Responsibilities:

Although prior retail experience is preferable for the employees, it will not be a requirement. All
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