Essay on Management Communication Skills

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Managers gain their notoriety through the dedication to their job, reinforcing and implementing all job expectancies, and making sure they are aware of the influence they have on others. Managers need to be self assured and confident in taking on the lead role by following through with directives and being able to give directives. Managers need to have a strong personality and assertion when the opportunity arises. Being able to come together with upper management shows strength. Excellent coaching abilities are necessary because that will be a large portion of the duties. Most managers are taught to focus on results more than methods. Communication and dialogue are the most effective methods to have in order to know what is going on in…show more content…
Keeping the morale of your subordinates high, ensuring that they have a clear understanding of the company objectives. Motivating subordinates, insisting that they are confident in their work ethics and values, and to ensure pride among each worker are more of the qualities that makes you a confident manager. In an effort to promote confidence it is important to let your subordinates know that being unsuccessful in the business in not acceptable and if one becomes despondent then others will follow. Coaching your staff the importance of communication is mandatory to be successful in any business. All forms of communication transmit attitudes as well as ideas and information. Your customers assess and evaluate your company’s attitudes and values about service and quality through the methods and details of your communications. You can’t overestimate the importance of communication that takes place over the phone. Customers are won over usually by how they are treated over the phone and in person. Communicating is like a two-way radio. On one side you have a manager who is transmitting, and on the other side a subordinate who is receiving. At any time; however, the roles can be reversed, with the subordinate transmitting and the manager receiving. Proper reception of communication means that the receiver not only understands what has been communicated to him but also accepts it. Staff must know that the first priority is to ensure customer satisfaction. Service skills in
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