Management Functions And Functions Of Management

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Management is viewed as a critical part in any business or corporate commercial enterprises. Group assignments provide a useful platform for understanding the management functions that consist of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling (POLC). I totally do agree with this statement. Management of groups is actually the key to all of these P-O-L-C functions. Any management can accomplish and succeed objectives through the organizing execution of these four functions (, 2015). Management involves coordinating and controlling a gathering of one or more individuals or elements with the end goal of planning and blending them towards finishing expansive, organization or office, or perhaps singular objectives for their organizations. I have learnt a great deal about the importance of POLC from my management unit group work this semester. Therefore, by following POLC, one could get the real meaning of management (, 2015).
While performing the group assignment and working as a unit with the team, I analyzed what important role POLC plays in management functions. Planning is probably the one of the most crucial project managing and moment management strategies. The particular management capabilities of planning, organizing, leading and controlling are extensively considered to be the best way of describing a manager. It is the best way to categorize the knowledge about the management. Planning is preparing the…
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