Management Functions

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Management Functions

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Introduction 1
Forecasting 2
Planning 3
Organisation 4
Control 5
Co-ordination 6
Communication 7
Motivation 8
Conclusion 9
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Henri Fayol was one of the most influential contributors to modern concepts of management. His career began as a mining engineer, later moving into research geology for Comambault. The company was struggling however, Fayol turned the operation round. Upon retiring he published his works – a comprehensive theory of administration.
Personal experience and observation were the basis of his theories in terms of what worked well in organisation. His aspiration for an …show more content…

The programme can be regularly updated and taking to meetings to establish what delays have occurred and what impact the may have on the programme overall.

Co-ordination Co-ordination is the bringing together of a work force and the activities they are to perform, in such a manner that they are achieved with maximum efficiency and harmony. It is a product of the organising function however; it must be achieved throughout the organisations structure. Here are some of what I would consider to be the most important co-ordination activities in construction: * Ensuring the timeliness of work carried out * Maintaining records of all drawings information, verbal instructions, directives and documents received from both clients and consultants * Managing the quality of work * Liaising with clients and consultants * Identifying delays and strategic activities

Communication The goal of communication is to convey information and the understanding of that information, from one person or group to another person or group. The efficiency and effectiveness of the construction process depend heavily on the quality of communication. Throughout the construction process the people involved can communicate via email, word of mouth, drawings, written instruction, specification or

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