Management Is Responsible For Delegating Training

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Management is primarily in charge of scheduling and providing permission to damage ineligible return products, as well as loss prevention measures. Management is also responsible for delegating training to supervisors and for analyzing data for effective performance. While every team may make laborious errors in carrying out tasks, management can make technical errors, which may reach much further than those executed in labor. For example, should a manager forget to schedule enough flow team members, the volume of pieces open and ready for the sales floor can drop drastically, making the difference between 100% stock and 85% stock. Another issue that can occur is too much application of a uniform schedule, leading to shortages and…show more content…
Aside from technical responsibilities, management is also responsible for keeping teams structured and informed, even if only indirectly. This is incredibly important, as accurately communicating the status of inventory can be the difference between a clean, well-stocked store and a hectic work environment. There is also something to be said about learning daily demand in order to determine safety stock and an accurate reorder point to keep inventory running smoothly and keep risk as low as possible. There is a potential problem, however, in the fact that miscommunication can lead to more obstacles. There are many potential remedies for obstacles presented to Target’s logistics teams, including but not limited to sufficient training, weekly meetings, a higher degree of personal accountability and a closely monitored dataset. Starting members should be informed on multiple roles, not just the responsibilities of the individual employee; doing so creates a network of employees that have a basic understanding of the way everything works as a whole, and therefore can place more importance on the components they play a part in. There should also be resources for reference regarding protocol and job duties. Although this seems menial, it creates a high standard for accountability, as the
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