Management Of Conflict Essay

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Managing conflicts between people is a regular course of business for officers regardless of whether the time is spent on patrol duty or investigations. The management of conflict is so common in fact that even at the earliest stages of law enforcement training there is an emphasis on separation of people, de-escalation, evaluation, interviewing and decision making. Conflicts that have led to some form of assault often result in having to write investigative reports, persons being transported my medical personnel and in some cases criminal charges being filed. Within the aspect of evaluating conflicts and assaults; are we missing critical signs that point to lethal dangers to our victims, fellow officers and even the public at large? …show more content…

The closure of a single structure of the neck that supplies oxygen to the body is all this required to kill a person. So as one can see, choking and strangulation are two entirely different mechanisms. Injuries from strangulation can be delayed in that victims may not exhibit any signs immediately after the assault but may exhibit signs hours or days later. Take for example an athlete that sprains their ankle but can finish the game only to wake up the next day with an ankle so swollen and injured that it cannot be walked on. This can be observed in some strangulation victims who can talk and breathe normally one minute and be near death in the hospital the next. Strangulation research both in the medical field and in case studies now clearly show that injuries can also be immediate, they will likely be permanent and is absolutely life threatening. An idea was promulgated for decades that there must be external signs of injury such as marks on the neck and/or petechial hemorrhage in the eyes when strangulation occurred. It was believed that without those injuries the assault could not be proven and likely did not occur. This idea is far from the truth! Gael Strack, former prosecutor and Chief Executive of the Institute on Strangulation Prevention has stated “Our study proves it – most victims of strangulation will not have visible external injuries. Lack of injuries and lack of training caused the criminal justice system to minimize

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