Management Of Inventory Management System

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Management of inventory is one of the hectic tasks that face most of the owners of retail shops. Most of their record keeping rely on paperwork that is cumbersome and almost impossible to generate reports from, hence a hindrance to decision-making. Since the introduction of technology in the early 20th century, retailers, and stock managers have benefitted from it the most, (Davis, 1989). The introduction of IT has seen the formation of complex and sophisticated software that manages stock at the real time and gives regular notifications on the level of stock. The software also produces sales reports at regular intervals that enable management to make informed decisions.
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The design 's capability should have a real time notifications function on the level of stock and provide advice in case of any restocking needs. It should be able to produce reports that can be analyzed by the management in order to make decisions that bind the company.
System Requirements and Equipment
Since this is a single shop, the desktop software will be sufficient since entry will be from a single point. It will not necessitate the need for a hosting package for an online system that would otherwise create more unnecessary expenditure for the retail shop struggling with a small budget. Therefore, this system will be based on access database that is provided by Microsoft. It will necessitate that the following equipment is available for use at the retail shop.
i. Desktop computer – this computer should have a Windows operating system installed, either Windows 7 or 8 to ensure that it gets recent updates from Microsoft. It should also have Microsoft Office installed to provide the capabilities of access and excel software. This computer should have essential features that can support the stated operating system. ii. Matrix printer – this is the printer that will be used by the system to produce receipts whenever a sale is made. iii. Barcode scanner – to make the input of items into the system simple in the case of supply of new items or a sale. It will quicken the process and make the whole process automatic

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