Essay on Management and Wolfgang Keller

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Questions for Wolfgang Keller Case

1) Who is Wolfgang Keller? What are his key strengths and weaknesses?

Wolfgang Keller is the Managing Director of Konigsbrau-TAK, which is the Ukranian subsidiary of a major premium beer brewer. Keller has previous experience in financially turning around a German food product manufacturer’s two subsidiaries (relatively smaller in scale than his current organization). Keller’s foremost strength is his ability to turn around an apparently difficult (for example, the economic turn-around of various subsidiaries) and at times apparent impossible situations (for instance, resolution of a distributor’s lawsuit, collection of payment from a near-bankrupt distributor, etc.). He has been …show more content…

There are three important issues which Keller faces and they are as follows. First is to try and improve upon his shortcomings (as highlighted in his annual performance appraisal) vis-à-vis the corporate staff and his line manager. There have been questions raised about his personality and attitude which include his management style and his ability to work well in a team. This may not be the most pressing problem but it could turn out to be a hard one to improve upon. This is because it might require fundamental changes to how Keller is used to work with and manage his staff.

Second, is the issue of his working relationship with Mr. Antonov. Keller has been in-charge of all operational activities with minimal involvement from Antonov in the general management of the subsidiary. This has been noticed by the senior management in Germany and Keller has been advised to try and keep Antonov in the loop more than he is currently. The management recognizes the importance of Antonov’s maturity and experience of the local business and Keller has been asked to make such use of Antonov.

Third, and this is the most pressing issue faced by Keller, is the apparent performance issue of Mr. Brodsky, the commercial director. Keller, over the course of two years of Brodsky being in the company, has noticed several issues with Brodsky’s performance. Keller feels that Brodsky is too slow to react to situations and he (Keller) has had to intervene many a

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