Managers ' Encouragement Of Employee Voice Can Lift Well Being And Productivity

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Managers ' Encouragement of Employee Voice can Lift Well-being and Productivity

Huy Quach

Employment Relations
Griffith University Nathan Campus
Managers ' Encouragement of Employee Voice can Lift Well-being and Productivity

Profitability in business and many other enterprises has a big leaning on the management of the entire firm. In one way or another decision made come back to haunt the management either in a good way or a bad one. When it comes to satisfying customer needs, one has to offer a keen ear to them such that all their feedback is put into account (Mary, 2014). We talk of an awesome customer care management and customer relationship management as crucial in ensuring that the firm goes an extra mile into …show more content…

Based on various researches on psychology, listened to the employees bring about an atmosphere of peach and coexistence between them and the employers such that the activities tend to run smoothly with the carrier of the processes, who happen to be employees, being satisfied of their working condition. A prepared and satisfied mind always works to the best.
Encouraging the employees to voice out their concerns has always had a sort of effect in the firm. Most of the times, the effect is always positive. In some scenario though, the effect may be uncalled for and bad. However, the level of feedback is what should be controlled and not mere gagging of all the issues emanating from the mouths of the employees. In every scenario, employees tend to carry the organization in question through their objective and helping in realizing them. The management has to realize in that case that the employees hold a bigger voice in the fact that they can make or break a particular company. In coming up with modes of listening to employees, factors regarding giving the employees too much room such that they may end up engaging in misdemeanor must be considered, just as gagging them may result to dissatisfaction from the employees leading to low productive rates and less customer satisfaction. When looking at the two sides of the argument, one comes with a good model regarding taking employee

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