Employee Voice And Its Impact On Organisational Performance

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Dundon et al. (2004) claimed that employee voice is a form of contribution to decision-making, an articulation of individual satisfaction or dissatisfaction and a demonstration of collective organisation. Another way of saying, employee voice is the process of employees communicating their thoughts, ideas to employers to provide feedbacks and make improvements. Bryson (2004) described employee voice as a two-way communication between management and employees. This two-way communication between senior managers and employees enables them to exchange ideas. To be more specific, it brings different and new perspectives from employees, give them a sense of ownership towards the decision-making process with relatively higher level of effort and reduced labour cost. Moreover, it has lower cost and reduce risk of disruption due to employee resistance. It is crucial for senior management to understand the importance of ‘employee voice’ since it plays a significant role in constructing a high-involvement working environment and has a crucial impact on organisational performance. There are various advantages of employee voice, however, too strong employee voice will inevitably cause negative impact in the organisation. Purposes of Employee Voice
“Employee voice” is a key to a successful business, says Nita Clarke. Many people may feel reluctant to talk about their opinions due to various reasons. One explanation could be that they are afraid their opinions may be

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