Managers Perception Of Unit Versus Staff Perception

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Nurse managers are challenged in achieving efficient and effective patient care, giving support and representing the nursing staff, complying with hospital policies, as well as maintaining a budget in accordance to hospitals financial viability. These are all roles that must be met in order to keep a unit running smoothly and which require experience, skill, judgment, and practical knowledge. As a new nurse manager, it is hard to prioritize and be effective in each of these roles. There was a research study done by Denise Gormley (2011) on managers perception of unit versus staff perception that relates closely to one of the management problems observed in Billings Clinic Inpatient Surgical (IPS) unit. The manager’s perception of work environment and effectiveness of leadership within the IPS unit, versus the staff nurse perceptions and how it influence job satisfaction and morale. This problem was identified by manager while reviewing nurse satisfaction scores. The study found that managers often “rated work environment higher than staff on all subscales” (Gormley, 2011). Based on data collected, the study concluded that nurse managers and nursing staff were not on the same page and their opinions on issues of importance often differed from those of the staff. On the IPS unit, manager perception versus nurse perception relates directly to decrease in communication and to other issues observed on the unit, such as a lack of supportive and effective learning environment,
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