Managing Acute Pain On Patients, Along With Post Operative Recovery Pain

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Managing acute pain in patients, along with post-operative recovery pain, is an essential part of nursing. Because it can affect each and every part of the human body, managing pain is important for the health and safety of patients. Effective pain management can increase patient satisfaction and overall well-being, fulfilling the role of a nurse. A nurse must be able to look at ways to manage patients’ pain, the ethical aspects of managing pain, along with how to educate patients on the matter.
Patient-Centered Care in Pain Management As a nurse, establishing a care plan that is individualized to a specific patient has the potential to increase positive psychosocial and physical patient outcomes. Plans may contain nonpharmacologic and/or pharmacologic interventions; it depends on characteristics that are specific to that patient, where the care takes place, what procedure is being done, and the expertise of the HCP who is executing the surgery. Something important for nurses to keep in mind is that most of the time, nonpharmacologic interventions should only be used to enhance pharmacologic interventions when pain is expected to occur. They should not replace pharmacologic interventions. Nurses should be educated on the onset, duration, and action for these agents and should know how to deal with side effects or complications if they occur (Czarnecki et al., 2011). Assessing a patient’s pain is an essential of pain management for nurses. This begins…
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