Managing Human Relations

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Definition of Human Relations
In our business world today, people who enter the workforce are discovering that
interpersonal skills represent a very important category of basic skills valued by employers.
These skills can also help us to cope with a wide range of work-life issues and conflicts that
surface in our lives. Besides that, these skills will also help us in areas such as interviewing to
get a job in the future, improving our personal communication skills and building and thus
maintaining productive relationships with others in the workplace. These skills lead to a term
which is known as human relations. Human relations is defined in its broadest sense which
covers all types of interactions among people.
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One of the reasons is because organizations are advancing more to the age of
Information Technology (IT) and many things in the world nowadays are done by machines
and requires a minimal amount of manpower. This will lessen the job opportunities and even
those who have worked in the particular workplace will be forced to resign or quit their
respective jobs. As an effect of this, many organizations will shortlist those workers who are
performing at a full pace and achieving more goals than others to remain in the company and
then hand in a resignation letter for those workers who are underperforming or those who
failed to achieve their goals. In order to tackle this issue, many companies nowadays spend
most of their time to train their employees so that they could be better workers and would
help the company to achieve more success in the future. When the company trains their
employees, the employees are expected to understand on what is required of them during the
day at work. Employees are also required to continuously build relationships with their
employers or managers of the company and also learn to accept the other employees which
are working together with them.

In addition, another major reason on why human relations is important in workplaces
is because most companies are growing bigger and bigger compared to few years back. Many
large companies…