Managing Liability Risk After Merger

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Managing liability risk after a merger or acquisition
This research paper determines the liability risk after merger or acquisition. Being a CPA firm owner make arrangement look for the different clients and candidates that will expand and create financial benefits and growth significantly. acquisition providing information that can be consider as a solution to the query by doing comparison of corporate strategy of mergers. Factors that lead to merger failures are misgauging strategic fit, cultural clash, communication gap, weak leadership and economic crisis by providing clear vision and putting together professional leadership team that focused management on success and winning the people’s commitment. It explains the failure of …show more content…

In this report, the success or otherwise of any merger hinges on individual perceptions about the manner in which the process is handled and the direction in which the culture is moved. Communication and a transparent change process are important, as this will often determine not only how a leader will be regarded, but who will be regarded as a leader.
During a post- merger three out of four firm have experience serious problems. Once the integration begin what values and standard will be met to increase the odd for success. Demand and power between the two organization specific merger requirement is to be consider both the technology and business need that can jeopardize the future of IS capabilities and the support from stakeholder, sponsorship and indorsement deals. Planning, structure and managing activity is a resource of need when developing some clear policies on how the integration will conduct its business from managers, IT professional an executive. How to readjust to different objective and goals during project. Major modification strategy has to be in place to accommodate companies with customer base.

Understanding and managing conflict: A prerequisite for post-merger FET colleges
In 1994 Further Education Training (FET) a college in South Africa the academic and administrative staff were entangle in conflict with senior management that resulted in a

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