Managing Xerox's Multinational Development Center

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Managing Xerox's Multinational Development Center
Case Summary:
This case describes a manager Clendenin’s use of the Multinational Development Center to enhance the efficiency of Xerox’s worldwide logistics and inventory management. He has done this though the development and implementation of a wide range of improvements in multinational computer and management systems.

The case describes Clendenin’s multiple strategies for overcoming these difficulties. It Illustrates a range of management strategies for upward, lateral and downward influence in a complex organizational context, as well as the use of a number of innovative human resource management techniques.

Main Problems or issues:
I would like to analysis the relationship
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First he appealed to present facts, specifically identifying the opportunities and benefits for his multinational approach while stating its direct impact on the stated objectives of achieving increased logistical efficiency and return. Yet he was also successful influencing executive stakeholders by persuasion in appealing to their personal values as it pertained to ego and position. He rarely took credit for his own ideas, rather emphasizing and positioning his strategy as the collective decision of the group or executives that were in charge. The example is when he know there was little initial support within the USMG organizations for taking his new multinational approach, he turn to Xerox senior managers for support instead though his line manager.

In downward management, Clendenin takes an indirect approach by appealing to personal values. He offers empowerment and fosters learning and development within an working culture that is just as concerned with work-life balance, and personal relationships as it is with bottom-line performance. The example like he sponsored yearly MDC golf tournaments, take staff for lunch, set goals such as learning to play the piano and so on. It helps to build the trust and friendly relationship with subordinates. As my experience, I have some boss like this working style, we are eager to work under him and even very happy to OT in order to achieve the project.

In lateral management, Clendenin also use the strategy

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