Mandatory Federal Student Aid ( Fsa ) System

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First to develop or extend a Federal Student Aid (FSA)system, they should have a proper planning. Gather all the requirements such as functional and non functional requirements which are needed. Assign the roles and responsibilities for the team members related to the requirements for the system. The FSA system project manager should acknowledge the requirements, take part in discussions related to the requirements, evaluate and agree requirements. Frequently, assess the status of the requirements and solve the problems if raised in the requirements. Always make sure if there is a need for changing the requirements. Lead the meetings regularly by informing the team about meeting times prior to start. "Create and maintain all requirements…show more content…
At this point integration testing method can be used. Than enter into the concept called "continuous refactoring". By using this concept, some of the useful code can take out from the black boxes and reuse it for new interfaces if necessary. While developing a system the developers should be aware of all kinds of software design principles. Some of the principles like cohesion, coupling, Object Oriented principles will help to design a software application. If all the principles are applied correctly, than there is a chance to reduce software coding errors. First when developers start writing code, the back end code starts with classes they should take appropriate decisions in constructing the classes. To avoid code errors, software developers while writing code should follow the Single Responsibility Principle, that is they should focus on one main task, keep all the classes with a simple logic if possible. Once the class of any program is developed than perform extensions on that class and use for building other related functionality but should not do any type of modifications, which says the Open/Closed principle. This principle encourages to use composition, interfaces, inheritance- which can generate other class that can be extended without modifying the source code. If necessary, developers should make use of Liskov 's Principle "it means making sure that new derived classes are extending the base classes without changing their

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