The Requirements for Verizon FIOS Fiber Optic Cable Management Plan

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INTRODUCTION The purpose of the Verizon FIOS fiber optic cable Requirements Management Plan is to establish a common understanding of how requirements will be identified, analyzed, documented, and managed for the Verizon FIOS fiber optic cable project. Requirements will be divided into two categories: project requirements and product requirements. Project requirements are the set desires identified to meet the needs of the project and ensure its achievement and promptness to hand over to operations. Most will consist of non-technical requirements. Product requirements are the set desires identified to meet the specifications of the technical products that are being produced as a result of the project: the Verizon FIOS fiber optic cable. …show more content…

In conclusion, the metrics and acceptance criteria will be determined for all requirements to provide a baseline of understanding the deadline of the requirements at a satisfactory level. Requirements Documentation: On completion of the requirements identification and analysis, the will then be documented and assigned to the appropriate individual who will be held accountable. The requirements will be added to the Verizon FIOS fiber optic cable project plan and the project team will determine what methodology the appropriate individual will use in order to track and report the status of each of their requirements. All requirements will then be added to the project requirements checklist. This checklist should be completed prior to the project closure acceptance done by the project sponsor. Ongoing Requirements Management: During the project, the project manager is held responsible to ensure and assist all team members with reporting requirement status. They are also to inform and react to any issues or concerns with their assigned requirements as needed. In the event of any changes or alterations during the process of the project, the project manager must make the appropriate changes utilizing the control process set forth in order to receive approval from the change control board. Ongoing requirements management is also held to the appropriate level to receive approval of all requirements by the

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