Mandatory Prenatal HIV Testing Essay

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Mandatory Prenatal HIV Testing

This particular journal researches prenatal HIV testing as it relates to vertical transmission.
Randomized controlled studies involving HIV- positive pregnant women at various stages of pregnancy were monitored and evaluated in an effort to find conclusive reasoning for prenatal testing. Women of different income levels, educational and ethnic backgrounds were involved in these studies.
The AIDS Clinical Trials Group Study 076 as well as following randomized controlled trials were used in order to test whether prenatal testing was an effective means of preventing the vertical transmission of the HIV virus. Quick and relatively simple tests were performed in order to first determine whether …show more content…

Statistically, these methods of research produce findings that are typically more accurate than the other various approaches to research. Likewise, the HIV test itself is basically a simple and for the most part accurate means of determining whether a pregnant mother is HIV- positive. The tests were administered to mothers that had already tested positive in order to further ensure the accuracy of the study. In this way, it appears that much time and effort was put forth in order to find conclusive reasoning either proving or disproving the theory that prenatal HIV testing should be mandatory. On the other hand, in order to develop policies that would make prenatal screening mandatory there are two sides to consider; pregnant women who are HIV- positive and pregnant women who do not carry the virus. In this way, the study lacks in including women who must be tested for seemingly no reason. It fails to mention if any undue hardships must be placed upon women who are HIV- negative.
Because HIV can be a treatable disease the findings from this study are as most would expect them to be. Early detection leads to an increased likelihood of preventing the viral transmission of the disease. The findings themselves are quite impressive also. If at anytime the spread of a disease can be decreased by nearly 50 % as long as it is detected and treated in a timely fashion, then it is easy to assume that those measures would be

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