Many People Create A Budget That Allows Them To Follow

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Many people create a budget that allows them to follow the guidelines of things that need funding or to be paid. It does not matter whether it is a bill or a company, the budget allots the money for a documented need. Per U.S. Department of Education (2011), a budget sets forth priorities and levels of spending, ways of financing the spending, and a plan for managing the funds. Special education directors must be able to explain this process to fulfill the necessity of the budget within the schools that have special education programs or services. They must be able to understand theories, legislations and laws that come with spending money within the budget. This paper will discuss a future special education director’s understanding of…show more content…
Transportation includes buses and bus drives. The facilities include the maintenance people that help to keep the school clean and a safe environment with adequate heating and air for the students to learn. The energy ensures the students have electricity, heating, air and running water. Health and safety provides the school with a school nurse to have on-call or at the school daily. Instruction ensures the students have highly qualified teachers, teacher’s assistants and classroom supplies such as smart boards, computers, and any other classroom resource that are necessities within the county. Curriculum and staff development go hand and hand because it supports the instruction by providing them with professional developments and instructional coaches. Food services provides the students with nutritious breakfast and lunch and it pays the salary of the food services workers. Counseling services ensures the school counselor is there to support the students with someone to talk to. The counselor also sets up meetings for parents and teachers with support for the students. Library needs to have a librarian that maintains the library and provides the students with books that are both interesting and educational for the students to enjoy. School administration and support staff are the last of the allotted workers and services that are across the board for all schools and districts.
These areas meet
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