Margaret Atwood 's The Handmaid 's Tale Essay

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Envision a society where a woman’s sole purpose for being alive is her functioning uterus. If that woman fails to bear a child she can be killed. If that woman disregards the law she can be tortured, or even terminated. In the dystopian future of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale women’s bodies are used as political instruments. Because if the harmful pollution in the United States, a new Constitution has been made to address and correct the decline in birth rates. To do this the government has created Handmaids. Handmaids “are placed in the households of [army] Commanders whose Wives can no longer bear” babies anymore (Cameron 299). The future of the Republic of Gilead depends on the Handmaids ability to have a baby. The Handmaids are kept under strict surveillance and must follow a strict set of rules due to the fact that it is very hard to find women who can conceive. Without the Handmaids, the Republic of Gilead would come to an end, and yet the women (especially the Handmaids) have absolutely no power. Handmaids are not allowed to spend money, read, or write. The government has organized the women of Gilead by color. They have also had the Handmaids names changed to their Commander’s first name. This method robs them of their individuality. Due to this, the women are constantly looking for ways to have power. The government most importantly has control over women’s bodies by an event called the Ceremony. The Ceremony is a huge part of the Republic
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