Marianne Weber Oppression

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Marianne Weber argued that marriage was the linchpin of patriarchal domination as women were being dominated by their husbands. According to Weber, once a woman married they were seen as property of their husband. Women being addressed or seen as “property” was supported by “legal codes…religion and the economy” (Inst. Comments), which I believe that it made it difficult to see any positive changes. Women were dependent on their husbands for economic support, which gave them more power over their partner’s and their overall household. Weber argued that “the wife is economic dependent of her husband… Even in cases where she works, full – or part-time, her income typically is only a fraction of his” (L&N 206).Even though women who work do not make as much money as their husbands, I agree with Weber, that those women who have an external money supply do become more independent, although they are not getting paid as much as their partner. Women’s employment opportunities outside the home have helped…show more content…
One example of patterns of social dominance would be women’s work experiences compared to those of me. Even though women have achieved many great things over the years, they are still not quite equal to men, especially in the work force. Many women are denied from job opportunities because many believe that they can’t take the same physical weight that men would. In the factory where my mom works at, many women were laid off because they weren’t able to keep up with the fast and heavy work pace. I once asked my mom how many women worked in her department and she said 4 including her. Another argument is the wage gap between men and women. Even though the wage gap might not seem as a great difference once you add the amount that women do not make compared to males, the amount adds up, actually making a
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