Women Of The American Revolution

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In media, women have always been depicted as housewives or homemakers. In commercials, they are always the ones cleaning, cooking, or in some way taking care of children. If you are watching a cleaning commercial, there is always a child making a mess, a father that doesn’t know how to clean it, and a mother who comes to the rescue and cleans it. The ideal that women are the “weaker” sex has always been popular. Women are meant to tend to the household, husband, and children. During the time of the American Revolution, when slavery was still taking place, women started sharing their opinions of being homemakers. Then, the Industrial Revolution had come, and women began working in certain areas. As women continued to fight for their …show more content…

Also, since women were not the breadwinners they would have to ask their husbands for funds in order to spend money. We see this in the film Iron-Jawed Angels where the senator takes away his wife’s money when she starts investing to help women’s rights. She had become unhappy when she was dependent on her husband who had taken her kids away, so she left and joined the women’s rights movement. When the senator’s wife was in jail he grew unhappy and realized his mistake of controlling her. Therefore, by not being independent and relying on their husbands, women became helpless and unhappy. By working, women would not be dependent on their husbands for money; they would be able to stand on their own two feet. In addition, women have the responsibility of taking care of the children and the home. Most of the time they have very little help and do everything themselves. An article states, “One of the primary stresses on most housewives that helps account for both dependence and depression is child rearing. Having small children means that a women does not have time for adult contacts or time for being alone… spends the majority of the day with her children and may find them demanding of her time and effort.” Therefore, women allot all her time for the needs of their children by having very little time for themselves or interactions with others. Whereas, if they are working

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