Marijuana Argument Essay

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There are many things that have been debated on for years and the people still haven’t come close to a decision. Among these topics is the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana also referred to as cannabis has become this big controversy topic dividing the nation into two. One side is all for the legalization of marijuana, others are very against it. I for one am all for the legalization of marijuana because it can be used to better one’s medical and mental state.
Those who support the legalization of marijuana see it as a substitute for certain medications and as an economic opportunity. If legalized, marijuana will be taxed and people say that the taxes from this business will help our economy grow, maybe even help reduce the debt of …show more content…

When interviewed by ProCon, Harold Kalant and Amy J. Porath-Waller stated, “Many studies have shown, for example, that for treating nausea and vomiting, cannabinoids are more effective than older medications”. A few studies have found that marijuana can be a helpful treatment for neuropathic pain which is pain caused by damaged nerves. One of the most recent discoveries was that the THC and other cannabinoids such as CBD slow growth and/or cause death in certain types of cancer cells growing in lab dishes. It has also been said that the THC in cannabis can reduce loss of appetite in not only cancer patients but also people with HIV and AIDS.
Medical Marijuana and Epilepsy
The use of medical marijuana to treat children with Epilepsy wasn’t a thought, at least until Charlotte Figi. The story of Charlotte Figi has shined a light and opened the door for many children with epilepsy. To sum it up, Charlotte had Dravet Syndrome and her seizures declined dramatically after she began taking a product called “Charlotte’s Web” extracted from marijuana. It is said that after Charlotte’s story many families who have a child with epilepsy have moved to Colorado in order to get “Charlotte’s Web”. Many kids like Charlotte would go through the day and have at least five or more seizures. Not all families can afford to pack up their home and move to Colorado to get their kids the treatment they need. If marijuana was legal everywhere in

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