Marijuana Should Not Be Banned Marijuana

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Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is largely known for its use as a psychoactive drug and medicine. It’s become a controversial issue as many people are against legalizing it because they believe it is a gateway drug (a drug that isn’t necessarily addictive, but can lead the user to use more addictive drugs) or for other reasons. Others, such as Daniel J. Pfeifer, support the legalization of marijuana for recreational and/or medicinal use. As a law student, Pfeifer argues the federal government’s involvement and laws concerning the medicinal use of marijuana because he believes that the federal government is violating bodily autonomy rights. Pfeifer defends his stance by citing the benefits of medical marijuana, criticizing federal organizations such as the FDA who have prevented research and denied the medical value of the drug, and discussing the unalienable human right to health. However, Pfeifer neglects to provide regulations to distinguish those who are addicted to marijuana and those who need it for medicine which weakens his argument significantly.
According to Daniel Pfeifer, marijuana has been used medicinally for over five thousand years, originating in China wherein it was used to treat malaria and rheumatic discomfort. Cannabinoids such as THC are the main cause of pain relief in marijuana. THC can also eliminate the “loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting” in cancer patients. For many cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, treatments and drugs, such as

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