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Big Bang Theory is a humorous drama based on situations that might arise in day-to-day life, otherwise known as a situational comedy. The television show is based on the social lives of four friends who are professors, and socially classed as Nerds. It is presumptuous on first encounter that the show will present with all the similarities of the 80’s hit movies “Revenge of the Nerds.” In fact, their daily interactions mimic those fashioned as such. They exemplify “social awkwardness, sexual failure and mathematical intelligence,” all characteristics of a nerd, discussed in a thesis done by Marina Kunert (p. 1). The lack of social skills, which often leads to clashes between them and other people, makes them very interesting people.
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Despite the show being fictional, it relates back to reality and lessons for real life can be derived from watching fictional characters interact on screen, thus providing social norms. The characters cannot be described as role models, yet there is a message about how they behave and act within their own environment (Kunert, p. 5). The nerd is an interesting figure to look at in connection to personal social relationships. The social ineptness and lack of romantic skills make the nerd on television an interesting case because no one wants to act like a nerd. In order to create and shape a stereotype, certain characteristics are often exaggerated and individual differences are neglected (Kunert, p. 8). The behavior of stereotypical nerds can serve as an example of how not to act in friendships or romantic relationships. Negative examples like this can also explicitly or implicitly state what an acceptable way of social behavior would be, both within friendships and romantic relationships (Kunert, p. …show more content…

Penny being a part of Big Bang Theory brings common sense and social interaction into their otherwise, socially disconnected environment. The series starts with Penny, the attractive neighbor, moves in next to the nerds Leonard and Sheldon and immediately becomes a potential love interest for Leonard. Raj and Howard constantly struggle with girls but express the desire to be in a romantic relationship. However, they all seem to form a circle of friendship. Idealized images of relationships can create a more positive image about relationships (Kunert, p. 11). The link between two people can shift from being friends to being lovers and vice versa. On the Big Bang Theory, Leonard and Penny become friends first for a long time before becoming lovers. After breaking up they remain friends.
Big Bang Theory has exceeded the expectations of many. It is definitely not what people thought it was going to be. The four main characters are not the average nerds. While all intelligent in their own right, their individual personalities are what defines the show. I believe this is how the show maintains its popularity. Although the very first season did not get great ratings, the show picked up and has become one of the highest-rated on television in the United

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