Marjane Satrapi 's ' Persepolis '

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Persepolis is an autobiography of Marjane Satrapi’s childhood in her native Iran. She writes about being a child in Iran through the Iranian revolution and the Iran-Iraq war. As Satrapi recounts stories of her youth, one can observe that the Iran-Iraq war and the Iranian revolution are the central events driving the entire story. When the revolution and war happens, the dynamics of the book change completely. War creates a sense of unity and nationalism. Marjane shows a large contrast between her life before and after the war. The war forces her and her family to adapt in ways that they would have previously never thought possible. This process of adapting to her environment proves to be very insightful for readers as it gives a very provides a previously unseen perspective. Her community and family prove to be essential in dealing with the atrocities as they adapt to their environment during the war.
The Iran-Iraq war changes Marjane’s family dynamics in a dramatic manner. This causes her family to begin rely on each other in a ways that are previously unobservable in the text. As the daily comforts of their wealthy lifestyle disappear and are replaced with perpetual terror, one begins to see Marjane’s family bonding on an entirely new level. Early in the war, Marjane’s family begins spending more time as a unit. This can be seen in the increase in frames ,in the text, depicting her family conversing in rooms around the house. Her family begins to spend large amount of
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