Market Pressure

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Market Pressure * In this era, businesses faces lots of pressure to grow and compete and one of them are market pressure. ‘Market pressures come from global economy and strong competition, the changing nature of the workforce and powerful customer’ (Turban, E. et al 2007, pg 33).

I. Global economy and strong competition (a) Global economy ‘refers to an integrated world economy with unrestricted and free movement of goods, services, and labour transnationally’ (Economywatch, 2011).
As we can see and experience now, the world are coming together as one and company, like Maxis have to see how the world’s economy is doing to make decision regarding its company’s path and strategies. This is important as the company is
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This kind of work scope normally requires one to have an expertise in certain field and to have certain level of education in order to get hired by the company. This shows that the workforce have changes where education become more important than it used to be as a professional workers can be more efficient and reduce the cost of training by the company, which ultimately results in higher profit. At the same time, the society is becoming more open. There are more female workers now even in the field where male are dominant, like telecommunication engineer in Maxis. The workforce is becoming more diversified with the like of foreign workers working in Malaysia company and it is not a strange phenomenon. There are a lots of Information technology (IT) expert from India who work in Malaysia, for company like HP Computer. Workers are coming from different cultural background as well, like Chinese, Malay, India or Iban or some of them are with disabilities problem working under the same roof with no problems. With the use of internet, workers can work from home as well. As we can see workers are becoming more diversified in this era. There are no differentiation between workers, as long as that particular workers have the require skills and knowledge than can

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