Market Summary Of Nike

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Market Summary
The global fashion industry is valued at 2.4- 3 trillion dollars, with sales expected to exceed 1.6 billion dollars (FashionUnited, 2016; Gilani, 2017). Despite the global economic turbulence, the fashion industry was one of the few winning industries with continued 5.5% annual growth during the last decade. According to the FashionUnited (2016), Nike is the largest company in the fashion industry with a value of 105 billion dollars, followed by the fast- fashion company Inditex with a value of 104 billion. The Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) conglomerate comes in the third place followed by the US-based company TJX. The top 5 leading fashion companies is completed with the Swedish- based fast fashion company H&M with a market
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Global fashion giants should expect fierce competition from start-ups in the fashion industry capturing the trends of personalisation and local retailers already operating in emerging markets.

Company Summary
Hennes & Mauritz AB is a Swedish- based retail clothing company founded in 1947, operating in the fast fashion industry segment. Ever since, H&M grew and expanded to international markets, offering “fashion and quality at the best price”. In 2016, H&M ranked among the top 5 global fashion companies with a market value of 48.3 billion dollars and second in the fast fashion industry, outperformed by its main competitor Inditex (Fashionunited, 2016).

According to company’s annual report (2016), H&M operates 4351 stores in 64 markets and E-commerce in 35 markets with total sales reaching 223 billion dollars. Germany was the largest market with approximately 16.7% of the total H&M’s sales, followed by UK and France, with 6.8% and 6.1% respectively. The largest international market is the US market corresponding to a 12.1% of total sales, followed by China (4.9%). H&M is a traditional company with the founder family, namely the Persson family, holding the 70.1% of total votes and 38.5% of total shares
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