Marketing Analysis : Anchor Trust And The National Culture

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“The study of different marketing strategies of
Anchor trust and the national culture”

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Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction:
1.1 Research rationale:
1.2 Research purpose:
1.3 Research questions:
1.4 Research hypothesis:
2.0 Literature review:
2.1 Localised marketing strategy:
2.2 Marketing mix followed in globalised marketing strategy:
2.3 Marketing mix followed in localised marketing strategy:
2.4 Globalised marketing strategy Vs localised marketing strategy:
2.5 Conceptual framework:
3.0 research design and methodology: 9
3.1 Type of investigation: 9
3.2 Data collection method: 9
3.3 Sampling method: 10
3.4 Accessibility issues: 11
3.5 Ethical issues: 11
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The case is no different for one of the leading care provider like Anchor trust. Since its first establishment in 1968 (Help the aged housing association, oxford) Anchor trust has come long way and it has established it self as one of the major care provider (Anchor trust provides care to more than 40,000 in daily basis) in the UK. How ever, analyst believes the only possible way to maintain its brand image is to constant improvement and introduction of innovative method of care to its service user. In this context, the adopted marketing strategies of the organisation could be pivotal in maintaining brand image. Therefore, the findings from this research could help Anchor Trust assessing the significance of a marketing initiative. Adding to that the research finding could help organisations in the care industry determining the changing requirement in service user’s perception.

1.1 Research rationale:

over the decade the care industry has undergone drastic change. Whether is the government legislation, or the service users needs and the governing bodies new policies, the UK’s care industry has entered new era. As a consequence, it is high time for care homes to focus on effective research and development activities to make sure proper marketing strategies are in place for promoting its service and maintaining its brand image. The finding from the study could help Anchor Trust evaluate the efficacy of the current
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