Marketing Analysis : British Automotive Industry

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1. Brand analysis:
BBC (2015) narrated that vehicle industry has been entered into a premium era and so for that pushed car buying in a premium direction. Global village is maximising choices for buyers and innovation is adding more responsibilities to automotive industry to provide more economic and great quality vehicles so that buyers can get maximum benefit if they are spending more. Church, A. R. (2005) explained that British automotive industry is now entering in new phase of its success as buyers are understanding the significance of quality cars and other vehicles and are ready to spend more than they spent in past. This industry is notably contributing in British economy.
The significance of building powerful brand is increasing
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1.1 – Quality perception:
Nissan is systematically working on different techniques to improve quality feel and brand perception by considering five senses. It is understanding customer sensitivity through scrupulous researches by assessing that what attracts customers and what they want, delivering high quality and advanced vehicles than competitors by forecasting future trends and technological advancements (Nissan Motor Corporation, 2015).
1.2 – Targeting strategy:
There were Qashqai car games in the market before its launch which gave awareness to consumers, the brand was promoted by different marketing campaigns such as a very unique and bold approach to its launch by making a sceptical, mainly online audience of urban men from the age of 25 years to 35 years who had very little or absolutely no inclination towards Nissan, for taking a notice. Besides, Qashqai was advertised on different TV channels (Campaign, 2007).
1.3 – Competitors’ strengths:
Interbrand (2013) identified that competition between Nissan and its competitors such as Toyota, GM, Ford, Hyundai and other automotive companies, is getting more tough as they are also introducing competitive, faster economical and differentiated models of vehicles.
1.4 – Brand
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