Marketing Analysis : Jacques Trumen

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Problem Identification Based on the divisional performance of France, Italy and Spain for 2009 Jacques Trumen has to revaluate his traditional method of bonus payouts to each manager. He needs to determine a method that accurately assesses the regional manager’s performance in respect to their own divisional profit and loss. Following the evaluation of manager performance he must then find a suitable system to allocate the reward payouts to each manager. Apart from the compensation problem Compagnie du froid is moving into new ventures, like using their delivery trucks as a source of distributing perishable on behalf of other business, which is straying from core objectives. Analysis Jacques Trumen is the CEO and primary shareholder of an ice-cream manufacturing company known as Compagine du Froid, S.A. The corporation holds the greatest market share, making it the leading company in its industry during the summer months. It has three regional divisions; France, Italy, and Spain, each run by its own manager. The organization focuses on decentralized decision making for each region. Trumen awards each regional manager a fixed 2% bonus of corporate profits. Reflecting on this, the question arises whether Trumen fairly rewards each manager in respect to their performance and individual efforts. For 2009, out of the three regions, France preformed the best, having increased sales by 20% over the previous year. With that Jean Pinoux, the French division manager, initiated a

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