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Introduction – Hotel Industry and Catering The purpose of this report is to evaluate The Felbridge Park Hotel’s marketing capabilities. This family owned business based in Sussex belongs to the UK Hotel Industry. Elements of Hotel Catering are also included in discussion due to the hotel’s restaurant. The recession is the main economic factor affecting this industry. 2009 has been tougher than 2008, ‘although there has been an increase in the number of consumers taking UK breaks in 2009 , it is the cheaper end of the accommodation market that has seen the most benefit from this, eg budget hotels and the likes of Butlins.’ (Mintel 2009) (See Appendix Figure 1). The strongest macro-economic factors affecting hotels are political/legal and…show more content…
The first, main segment has been drastically affected by credit crunch whereas the second segment increased during recession and after. This proves the importance tourists have for hotel industry and Felbridge Park Hotel adapted fast to this change. Moreover customers choose to stay in UK rather than abroad in 2009. (Mintel 2010) The hotel’s segmentation comprises two consumer segments: business ‘companies from London’ and UK based tourists which are attracted by traditional food and location (between London and South Coast). Regarding the restaurant ‘almost 13m people like the convenience of eating where they’re staying: these consumers tend to be third agers, who are generally attracted to menus with simple, traditional dishes.’ (Mintel 2009) this aspect is favourable to the hotel. The gap in the restaurant hotel market is with ‘11m consumers’ that believe hotel restaurants are mainly for their own guests. (Mintel 2009) Restaurants do not satisfactorily encourage this segment. Competitors Direct competitors are locally based, for both the restaurant and hotel. (Case study) There are also substitutes-competitors, further discussion on the topic later in the report. Porters Five Forces Framework Barriers to entry: High costs and unfavourable economic times, as it is a recovering market. Established hotels
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