Marketing Barbie

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11/12/2012 Marketing Barbie
In order to put your product into to the market you have to develop a marketing strategy. A Market strategy is selecting a target market and maintaining a market mix that consists of product, price, promotion, and distribution. By doing this a company such as Mattel ensures that it is giving consumers what they want and they are creating a strategy for their product. One of Mattel 's biggest products is Barbie. Barbie was introduced by Mattel in 1959 and has been a big hit for the company since then. The Marketing Mix is a big aspect of Mattels’ success in selling Barbie (or in Barbie’s longevity). Product: The first step in
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Marketing environment:
When all these elements work together it makes marketing more successful. However there are also some aspects of the market environment that will control how the product will sell. Two factors that might affect the sales of Barbie are economic forces and sociocultural forces. Economic forces are the effects of economic conditions on the customers’ ability and willingness to buy your product. This might affect Barbie sales because currently the economy is still at a low point. If parents need to feed their children and pay their bills they might not afford to have that extra cash to buy a Barbie doll. How does Barbie compare in price to other options parents have (for toy purchases?) Sociocultural forces are influences in culture and society that result in changes of attitudes and lifestyles. Over the years there have been arguments against Barbie saying that she is too grown up and might make young girls want to mature too fast. After this view on Barbie a few parents did not want to purchase it for their daughters. There was also the Middle East where Barbie was banned in a country for her appearance. Overall Mattel does a great Job of Marketing Barbie and implementing the marketing
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